Sixth Extra

Sixth Extra

The MSNP Sixth Extra provision includes opportunities for all of our students to deepen and broaden their understanding of the subjects they are learning. We believe that this allows students to extend their academic understanding but also to develop existing skills and access exam support.


Sixth Form Extra options mainly run from 3:23-4:25pm, however some of them run during the school day. We want all of our students to be able to achieve their academic and personal best and the Extra programme is an integral part of that.


Additional information in support of your chosen Extras can be found in the super-curricular booklet here and our virtual Gale library here


Most of these options will, on completion of an Extra,  award a certificate which can be used to support applications in recognition of going above and beyond.


Our webinar events allow students to experience their subject areas and interests from differing perspectives. Students also benefit from these events as a way of experiencing possible career pathways.


Sixth Extra booklets are below:


MSN Sixth