Food Science and Nutrition (Level 3 Diploma)

Food Science Lesson

What is the course about?

Food Science and Nutrition is relevant to many industries and job roles. You will explore the relationship between food, nutrition and health. Making use of creative, investigative and analytical study methods you will learn and demonstrate an understanding of the science of nutrition and nutritional needs in a wide range of contexts. The ongoing practical sessions enable you to gain a wide range of high level skills to produce quality food items and meet the needs of individuals.

Working on a selection of optional units over the duration of the course, you will be able to tailor your studies towards your area of interest in developing and problem solving in food production, food science and nutrition.

This course is suitable for students who have taken the L2 Hospitality and Catering or Food Preparation and Nutrition, but can also be accessed by students with an interest in Science.

What might the course lead to?

Global opportunities in hotels and restaurants, nutritionists, sports coaches, fitness instructor, care provider, food manufacturer, environmental health, teaching, higher education.

Assessment Method

The course is split over multiple modules which range from food safety, to nutrition and finishing with the analysis of a range of different diets.

You will sit a written exam in Year 12 as well as completing an internally marked assignment, which includes a practical assessment.

In Year 13 you will carry out a 9 hour externally marked assessment and submit internally assessed coursework which will focus on a food issue which interests you. These will contribute towards your final results.