Extended Project (EPQ)

What is the course?

The Extended Project is a one year course which carries equivalent points for university entry as an AS level and is awarded Grades A*-E. Some universities will accept it as part of an offer, but the top universities will not but have said that they would look favourably on students who opt to do it and others have said they would be willing to make lower offers because of it, e.g. Bristol.

How is it assessed?

  • Students record what they do in a production log.
  • They produce an extended piece of work and make a presentation about it.
  • They are assessed on the log, the project and the presentation.

What can they look at?

  • Students can choose to look at an area which is an extension to their current area of study or alternatively they can explore an area of personal interest or an activity outside the main programme of study.
  • Students have taken the opportunity to examine a wide variety of subjects from Radiography, cubist artwork to devising a training plan for a hockey team.

What will students need to show that they can do to achieve a good grade?

  • To choose an area of interest
  • Draft a project title
  • Draft aims of the project
  • Plan, research and carry out the project
  • Provide evidence of all stages of project production
  • Deliver a presentation to a specified audience.