A Level Psychology

What is the course about?

Psychology is concerned with all aspects of behaviour and with the thoughts, feelings and motivations underlying that behaviour. Psychology is a science and psychologists study human behaviour by observing, measuring and testing, then arriving at conclusions that are rooted in sound scientific methodology. The course looks at important aspects of human life; relationships, stress, memory, aggression, obedience and mental health issues such as depression, schizophrenia or anxiety.

Who might the course suit?

It is naturally suited to those who have an interest in people and who want to understand more about the causes of behaviour. Given the competing explanations of why people “do what they do” the best students are those with an “open mind” and a willingness to read around the “key issues” discussed.

What might the course lead to?

There are professionally trained clinical, educational, occupational and forensic Psychologists – but Psychology features in many degree courses (nursing and health care, marketing and advertising, education, criminology). It also prepares students for jobs including health care, police work, management, teaching, personnel work, workplace design, retailing and advertising.