A Level Politics

What is the course about?

Government and Politics attempts to analyse, understand and explain the relationship between the political ideas, institutions and processes. The A Level focus is on: parliament, government and the people, representative democracy; participation; the structures of authority and power; the rights and responsibilities of individuals; engagement with contemporary politics in the UK; current political debates; and the links between political ideologies and political action.

As well as studying the ideas that are the basis of our political system, we investigate how effective the institutions of government really are, using the ever-changing world of current affairs to illustrate the academic theories.

In addition to reading and written work, research and presentations are regular features of the course.

What might the course lead to?

Studying politics does not mean you have to become a politician! A knowledge of how the country is run would benefit anybody with an interest in law, the media, government, economics and a wide variety of other occupations. Universities and employers will always be impressed by candidates with a good knowledge of current affairs and the social political and economic ideas that shape the world.

Who might the course suit?

A willingness to engage in the discussion of political issues is essential. Students are expected to keep up to date with political events by reading the papers and following relevant radio and television programmes. In addition, students will be expected to read formal texts and develop their essay writing skills. This course is a perfect accompaniment to any student taking Economics, Business, History, Sociology or English Literature.