A Level Photography

Photo Lesson 1

What is the course about?

The course consists of one coursework unit and an externally set examination. At the start of the course students are introduced to the materials, techniques and processes of photography, both traditional and digital. The course is teacher-directed initially, but students take on an increased responsibility for the direction and progress of their work as the course develops.

There is written element to the course, in which students are required to research and analyse photographic and other visual work in more depth, and produce a written essay of 3000 words.

For the externally set exam unit students select one question and develop a practical creative response, which is self-directed.

Who might the course suit?

Students who are well-motivated and capable of independent thought. It is beneficial, though not essential, for students to be studying other visual, creative and expressive subjects.

What might the course lead to?

A-Level Photography is acceptable as an A-Level for most university courses. Many students go on to study some aspect of Art and Design at foundation level, before progressing to a degree in areas such as: Architecture, Fashion, Television, Film, Photography, Animation, Graphic Design, Theatre Design, Art History, Museum work, Illustration, Journalism and Advertising etc.

What are the specific entry requirements?

All students should submit a portfolio of work to the Art & Photography department. Also students will need to have their own camera to complete this course. Places on this course will be allocated following an interview with the Head of Art.

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