A Level Music

Music Lesson 1

Who might the course suit?

  • Are you passionate about music?
  • Do you ever create your own original music?
  • Spend your free time singing, playing an instrument or creating tracks using music technology software?
  • Loved GCSE Music and don’t want it to end?
  • Didn’t do GCSE Music, regret it and have spent the last 2 years playing music?

What is the course about?

Listening and Evaluating:
The exam section of the course requires you to be familiar with a variety of styles of music:

  • The Baroque Concerto
  • Mozart’s Operas
  • Romantic Piano Music
  • Pop Music
  • Music for Media (film and gaming)

You will create 2 compositions; one in a style of your choIce, the other to a brief set by the examiner, which could include lyrics, a chord pattern or the outline of a scene from a film.

You will choose from several performance tasks, which include performing as a soloist, as part of an ensemble on an instrument of your choice and through music technology, resulting in a 10 minute recording at the end of year 13.

What subjects does Music goes well with?

Honestly? All of them! It is both a Science and an Art. Students may combine Music with other traditional Arts subjects such as English Literature, History, Drama and Art, but it is also often studied alongside Sciences and Maths. Music is a language, so it can also be a good addition to modern foreign languages.

What might the course lead to?

- Anything! Music is a recognised academic subject and will provide you with transferable skills attractive to universities and employers.
- Possible careers: Theatre/session musician, Sound Engineer, Music journalism, Composing, Music therapy, Teaching.

Music Lesson 2
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