A Level Modern Languages – French, Spanish

What is the course about?

Work will continue at sixth form level on the four key skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. A more in-depth study of grammatical structures will be undertaken, leading to a greater ability to manipulate the language for the purpose of self-expression. Classes are conducted mainly in the foreign language and students are encouraged to contribute as much as possible to discussions. A variety of contemporary topic areas make up the basis of the course.

Critical and independent thinking are developed through the study of literary and non-literary texts. Learners articulate their understanding and justify opinions both in the foreign language and in English, gaining essential critical tools and writing skills required for further study, as well as for the workplace. Grammatical competence and the ability to manipulate language accurately and appropriately are a prerequisite for study in higher education and are developed and rewarded through the mode of assessment.

Who might the course suit?

Applications are welcome from students who have shown an aptitude for understanding language structures at GCSE level and who want to build on these foundations to study the language in greater depth.

What might the course lead to?

Each year, a number of our students go on to pursue their language studies at university, either as the main focus of their degree or as a supplementary subject.

Assessment Units

AQA exam board, 100% final exam:

A Level Paper 1 (50%) – Listening, reading and writing (aspects of French/Spanish society, current trends, artistic culture, aspects of political life in the target language country).

A Level Paper 2 (20%) – Writing (based on an in-depth study of two books, or a book and a film).

A Level Paper 3 (30%) – Speaking (20 minutes, discussion of prepared themes, and unprepared discussion based on a stimulus).