A Level Geography

What is the course about?

1. Dynamic Landscapes: tectonic hazards, landscape systems, processes and change. Coastal Landscapes as a field trip.

2. Dynamic Places: globalisation of the world over time. Shaping urban areas through regenerating them as a field trip.

3. Physical System and Sustainability: water insecurity, energy security, life cycles and future climate change.

4. Human Systems and Geopolitics: superpowers, global development, global health and human rights.

These are some of the topics we'll cover in Geography A-Level. The course content is divided between physical and human topics and is supported with field trips and extra-curricular university conference visits. We look at the processes that cause change and the impacts of that change on human activity. Interpretation of geographical data and fieldwork are integral parts of the course.

Who might the course suit?

Anybody who has an interest in what is happening in the world will enjoy A-Level Geography. Do you have concerns about the environment? Do you enjoy fieldwork and practical learning as geographers often enjoy the outdoors and will be inquisitive?

What might the course lead to?

Geography graduates are now some of the most employable as they have such a wide range of skills including problem solving, decision making, teamwork and communication. Geographers work in diverse areas such as business and finance, environmental management, engineering, medicine, politics and education.

Often our students go on to study Geography or subjects related at university and others also move on to work with companies and charities with a more geopolitical view.