A Level Further Maths

What is the course about?

This course is an additional A-Level for those who wish to take the study of Mathematics to a higher level. The A-Level Further Maths Course studies Pure Mathematics in greater depth as well as covering further applications of Mathematics in Mechanics and Statistics problems.

The Further Core Pure components introduce Matrices, Complex Numbers, Methods of Proof and Differential Equations. In the applied component, students will study how to model more complicated Mechanics problems and probability distributions.

Further Mathematics lessons take place after school to avoid conflict with other subjects and make the option available to a greater number of students.

Further Mathematics is only available to students already opting for A-Level Mathematics.

Who might the course suit?

The course is aimed at students who wish to specialise in Mathematics. It is particularly suitable for those who might study Mathematics or a heavily mathematical discipline such as Engineering, Physics or Economics at university.

What might the course lead to?

Universities and employers alike are impressed by students who can demonstrate the ability to succeed in Mathematics at this level. Many of the most prestigious universities prefer, or require, their Mathematics applicants to have studied Further Maths.