A Level Drama and Theatre

Drama Lesson 1

What is the course about?

The course explores drama and theatre studies as a practical, intellectual and artistic subject. Students’ creativity and understanding are developed through the active study of major play texts enhanced through practical drama exploration.

In the first year of the course the students are introduced to two play texts: one theatre performance and one ‘set’ text. Pupils will engage in a practical exploration of two modern play extracts leading to an assessed performance. The students also have to compete a portfolio of evidence including analysis and evaluation of the process.

In the second year devise their own piece of unique drama, adapting and perform play scenes, selected and directed by themselves. Towards the end of the A-level the students will undertake a practical exploration of three key play extracts with a final performance assessed by an external examiner.

Who might the course suit?

A student needs to be prepared to perform in front of an audience at some point throughout the one/two years of the course. Additionally, they will be expected to attend live theatre productions as a critical aspect of textual analysis.

In both years there are options for performance support candidates who may be interested in developing their skills as directors or technicians.

What might the course lead to?

The course would suit anyone interested in going into a career in the Arts such as actor, director or designer. It would also suit students interested in a career in arts administration. More specifically, it would be a valuable starting point for a student wishing to go to Drama School or University to study on a drama or theatre based course. Universities and employers are looking for students who are creative; therefore A Level Drama and Theatre will be an excellent qualification to enhance your university application and prepare you for any career.

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