A Level Computing

What is the course about?

Computer Science is a practical subject that combines invention with creativity to understand the power and limits of both human and machine intelligence. Students complete three units, two are external exams with the final unit being an internally assessed project.

Unit 1 focuses on all the elements of how computers function. Students will learn about the intricacies of object-oriented programming, computer architecture, artificial intelligence, networking, forensic encryption and the latest in web technologies.

Unit 2 focuses on algorithms and programming. Push your problem solving skills to the limits and apply your understanding from Unit 1 to solve complex computational problems using a range of abstract thinking methods.

Unit 3 is where creativity flourishes in the programming project. Apply the principles of computational thinking to develop solutions to a practical coding problem. Learn how to develop using agile methods and produce professional grade software built for the real world to defacto industry standards.

Who might the course suit?

Students who are interested in computers and problem solving will thrive on this highly engaging and rewarding course.

What might the course lead to?

Computing is the perfect stepping stone to further education as well as a career in Computer Science in all aspects including software engineering, robotics, network administration, game design and more. Students who study Computer Science can use their computational thinking to enhance a career in Business, Engineering, Medicine or any type of science, IT and Computing related career path.

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