A Level Business Studies

What is the course about?

Students will study business in a variety of contexts (eg large/small, UK focused/global, service/manufacturing) and consider:

  • How businesses develop a source of continued competitive advantage
  • the competitive environment and the markets in which businesses operate
  • the factors that might determine whether a decision is successful eg the quality of data and the degree of uncertainty
  • how technology is changing the way decisions are made and how businesses operate and compete
  • use of non-quantitative and quantitative data in decision making (including the interpretation of index numbers and calculations such as ratios and percentages).
  • the impact of technology on strategic decision making
  • the influences of Corporate Social Responsibility, ethical and environmental issues on strategic decisions
  • the difficulties in forecasting future trends
  • the importance of assessing feasibility and risk when making strategic decisions.

What might the course lead to?

Entrepreneurship, careers in marketing, finance, IT, operations management and human resource management. Accountancy and many other related areas.

Who might the course suit?

Students who wish to have a better understanding of the world around them. In particular, a grasp of how the financial world works and how economies determine their priorities. You are likely to be inquisitive, analytical and happy working with numbers.